Barry Faulkner 1936 Declaration Mural (restored)

Of course this is a fictional account of what took place at the creation or signing of The Declaration of Independence. There weren’t that many people there and it wasn’t as organized as the painter would want us to believe. But, because it was such a historical time in our American history, I can understand why Faulkner would want to make it appear more glamorous than it really was. One must remember that the people of that time were not as happy and refined as this painting would want us to believe.

However, it is still a great addition to our United States heritage.



1. Robert Morris Pennsylvania
2. Samuel Chase Maryland
3. Charles Carroll of Carrollton Maryland
4. Stephen Hopkins Rhode Island
5. Samuel Adams Massachusetts
6. Thomas McKean Delaware
7. John Dickinson Pennsylvania
8. Abraham Clark New Jersey
9. William Ellery Rhode Island
10. John Witherspoon New Jersey
11. John Hancock Massachusetts
12. Benjamin Harrison Virginia
13. Samuel Huntington Connecticut
14. Thomas Jefferson Virginia
15. Roger Sherman Connecticut
16. John Adams Massachusetts
17. Robert R. Livingston New York
18. Benjamin Franklin Pennsylvania
19. Richard Henry Lee Virginia
20. Thomas Nelson, Jr. Virginia
21. Joseph Hewes North Carolina
22. Edward Rutledge South Carolina
23. Lyman Hall Georgia
24. Josiah Bartlett New Hampshire
25. Thomas Stone Maryland
26. Francis Hopkinson New Jersey
27. George Wythe Virginia
28. William Floyd New York


Excerpt from page:

Mural, before conservation Mural, after conservation
This detail of Barry Faulkner’s Declaration of Independence mural depicts Founding Fathers Joseph Hewes and Edward Rutledge. The photograph at left shows some of the buckling where the mural had lost connection to the wall. The photograph at right shows what that section looks like after it was restored and rehung in the Rotunda. (Photo by Olin Conservation, Inc.)

More Details on the restoration process can be located here.


Constitution Mural By Faulkner

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