The sky was so blue, and the sun so bright, that an eternal summer seemed to reign over this prospect.

For You

We are beings who move, feel, sense, imagine, think, and relate to one another. We are biochemical-neurophysiological entities, and our personalities are the products of our ongoing behavior, affective processes, sensations, images, cognitions, interpersonal relationships, and biological functions. The first letter of each modality forms the acronym BASIC I.B. (if we call the biological modality D for “Drugs,” we have the more compelling acronym BASIC I.D., but it is important to remember that D stands for more than drugs, medication, or pharmacological intervention, but also includes nutrition, hygiene, exercise, and the panoply of medical diagnoses and interventions that affect personality). The BASIC I.D. (or “identity”) represents “human personality.”

Multimodal therapy involves the comprehensive assessment and treatment of an individual’s BASIC I.D. By using this approach, we do not fit clients to the treatment; we fit the therapy to the requirements of the client. The assumption behind this approach is that the BASIC I.D. comprises the entire range of human personality. There is no problem, no feeling, no accomplishment, no dream or fantasy that cannot be subsumed by BASIC I.D.



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