The sky was so blue, and the sun so bright, that an eternal summer seemed to reign over this prospect.

Them There Eyes

Them There Eyes

She saw a random online photo of a pair of eyes staring back at her that resembled her own. The eyes seemed to tell a story that was riddled with pain and loneliness as well as confusion. She immediately became imprisoned by them

and needed to know more about the person those eyes belonged to. She thought for a moment that if she found the owner of these haunting brown eyes, that it will change her forever. She has been used to always being in control of her relationships. Never loving too much or caring too much, so if the relationship needed to end, it would not cause a loss for her. But these eyes, these eyes will have her singing to a different tune.

Life for her was a secluded one as a child. Her mother was a hard woman who lacked an emotional side. Her mother loved her very much, she just was more of a, “I’m not going to baby you because the world wants you to break under pressure.” So her mother made sure the pressure was always felt at home so she’d be ready for the world. She is not sure if it worked or not because she finds herself suspicious of everyone both inside and outside of her family. This is something she knows she battles within her own relationships, that unintended distance. That loud silence consumes every room she enters. Hidden within that silence is what she saw in those eyes. Pain, insecurity, compassion, wanting, needing, uncertainty, clumsiness, coldness, judgmental with a hint of bitterness.

I guess it is like the saying goes, “Eyes are the windows to the soul.”

It was a pleasure meeting you. Me 😉

Remember to Live Free and Love On Purpose 💋🎉✌

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