Instinct (FOWC)

This post is in response to FOWC’s One Word Challenge for today:

Tuesday, 05/21/2019 Instinct by Fandango  

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There is a prompt to help each day when you find your brain not cooperating.

That moment you realize the person in front of you is not who they said they were. The moment you understand that you were lied to from the start. The promises made of a loving spouse that will cherish you and your secrets. You knew from the beginning that something was wrong by the feeling you got in your gut and the strain in the back of your neck. Sometimes we ignore the voice within us, that can be called instinct, and do what we want to do. When that happens it usually turns out disastrous. Listen to your inner voice to avoid pain and disappointment. Everyone who says they are there for you and love do not and are not. They are only there for their own gains at your expense. Be encouraged.

Untrustworthy tongue

Calculating in nature

Look within for sense

Written By: Celestial B. Purposed

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