Foreign Journey (OWC)

The one-word prompt comes from Word of The Day Challenge posted on:

Sunday 05/19/2019 The Prompt of the day is: Journey

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There is a prompt to help each day when you find your brain not cooperating.

Happy Writing!

Foreign Journey

Passport stamps of lands far away. Stamps that show the terrain of green pastures and clear blue shores. Castles stand from generations ago that have stories of heroes embedded within their walls. Secrets that can never and will never be uttered to a living soul. Foreign is the reason and answer. To be foreign is to be distant and remote in a faraway land separated by language and culture. There is no better education than visiting foreign and distant lands to learn about life. Life is not worth living if we cannot understand the plights of others.


Waters separate

Tongues educate lives of far

Connected we are

Written By: Celestial B. Purposed


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