How do you handle stress? #FPQ

This post is in response to Fandango’s Provocative Question for Wednesday, 05152019 about stress stated below:

Most people, at some point in their lives, feel stress. Whether our stress is due to political, financial, personal, or other matters, we all have to figure out how to best cope with it. So my provocative question is this:

“How do you manage or deal with stress? Is there a specific strategy or approach that you’ve found to be particularly effective?”

How I handle stress is by trying to limit my interaction with people and things that try to get a stressful reaction out of me. There are so many things that are happening today to provoke such a response. It is not that anything new is happening in the world, except our ability to be updated of such events immediately rather than waiting for it to come out in the print news.

We all have been told at one point or another in our lives to “pick your battles”. That is what I do. I do not concern myself with things that have nothing to do with me, my parents or children. We all have friends or acquaintances that want to have their hand held throughout life, but that is not always possible. We all need to be able to stand on our own two feet in order to survive. Like the Proverb says, if you teach a person to fish they can eat for a lifetime because they can feed themselves. We cannot constantly make ourselves available to those who will not help themselves. If you are able-bodied with two hands and two legs and the good sense God gave you, I am not carrying your water for you while I am carrying mine. I am not saying to be selfish, but energy has to be dispersed carefully.

This is how I handle stress. I deal with the issue of why I am stressed and ask myself “What’s the point?” then I move on. I usually ask myself “What does this have to do with me?” Because usually the stress is caused by another and the stress I have put on myself, I can identify and fix. However, it took me some time to learn this technique for myself, I used to carry the baggage of others and wondered why my life was so heavily burdened. But, no more.

Written By: Celestial B Purposed


2 responses to “How do you handle stress? #FPQ”

  1. I completely understand. These things bother me too, truthfully. I just try to categorize these issues. We’ve been dealing with this border issue for far too long. One day there will be a comprommise or resolution. Hopefully, in our lifetime.

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  2. Thanks for your post. I’m glad you have found a way that works for you to deal with life’s stresses, large and small. There are things going on that don’t affect me directly or personally, like what is going on at our southern border, but the idea that the country I love is engaged in such abhorrent actions stresses me out. I wish I could just focus entirely on what just affects me and my family and our close friends, but I’m just not built that way.

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