05/13/19 Prompt “The Sun Also Sinks”

This post is in response to May Writing Prompt for today

05/13/2019 “The Sun also Sinks” by Putting My Feelings in the Dirt

Be sure to check out their page to join in on the fun.

There is a prompt to help each day of the month when you find your brain not cooperating.

Happy Writing!!

When shine fades away

there’s nothing left to say

come back to me, stay

Written By: Celestial B Purposed

17 responses to “05/13/19 Prompt “The Sun Also Sinks””

  1. Short and sweet words. I will check out that prompt page, like to read such things.


  2. Such a beautiful way of saying that we should always looks back to where we came from. And be humble always.


  3. You’re most welcome. 😉 And as long as everyone can gain inspiration from the prompts, I’m more than happy to keep offering them. It’s so fun to see what everyone does, and a few people have even published books with them. That amazes me. 🙂

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  4. This prompt is a humble reminder to all of us that even the mighty sun sinks at the end of the day. Beautiful interpretation.

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  5. That writing prompt is a good one. I could relate it to someone who has reached the pinnacle of success through ways and means that are unpleasant to many. This person, no matter how bright they shine today will have to meet up with their misgivings and soon enough their light will die out.

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