It’s Just The Lioness In Me

Leo’s & LoVe 

Element: Fire Quality: Fixed Ruler: Sun Symbol: Lion

Leos were made for love and romance and no one knows that better than they do. Leo is the rightful heir as “King & Queen of Hearts”: confident, proud, and passionate, they set the standard that others may follow but few match.

Their outgoing, affectionate personalities can charm and bewitch you, and they can sweep you off your feet with a style and passion all their own. Their special brand of heat and magnetism is one that the Sun, their ruler, bestows to Leo and Leo alone.

Think of Madonna & Antonio Banderas and you’ve got the idea.

Its been said that you’ve never been loved till you’re loved by a Leo, and that’s true if you like lavish display of affection. A Leo may send 5 dozen roses, not one, because when they care they give generously with a style befitting a sign of such nobility.

In Love and Romance Leo’s cant be beat. Loving and Loyal, they make good partners and parents, so if love and marriage is what you’re after, a Leo may be for you.

Ways to win a LEO’s Heart: (Listen/read Closely)

DO express your love often
DO be loyal

DON’T criticize in front of others
DON’T be pessimistic or narrow-minded

Leo Love Mates:

~Fire Sign~

~Air Signs~

So, in need this Leo in your

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