The sky was so blue, and the sun so bright, that an eternal summer seemed to reign over this prospect.

It Takes One UBC #13

Day 13 is 7-13 (if we ignore the year). This is a prime number (it cannot be divided by any number other than itself and 1). OK – I am a math geek!

Do you have a favorite number? A lucky number perhaps? What is it and why?

Write a post today about a number. Maybe it is that favorite number or your lucky number. You could write about the number of comments your website has and how many more you have received since the Challenge started! Do you come from a large family? What if you wrote about your 11 brothers and sisters?! Oh My!

All it takes is just 1.

One person to change the mind of another.

One day to do better than the day before.

One is a number that can be used in any instances that will not be selfish. I am an only child. So, I am used to the number 1. 

One life to live.

One God to behold.

One chance to choose good or evil.

Sometimes you will only have one chance to live your life to the fullest.

Once you go black you never go back. (jk, kinda) HA!

idk. Our challenge for Day 12 was to write a post about a number. Couldn’t think of much, so there you go.

Finally, E Pluribus Unum which translates to “Out of many, one”

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