Inspiration Within UBC Day 9

Today, write about what inspires you? Who inspires you? Can you inspire someone else in your post for today? 

(I hope this post is not confusing, I might have confused myself. Good Luck 😉 )

We are on Day 9 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge, yup, that is right, Day 9. Still here. I am enjoying the challenges and prompts to help us with content for our blogs. If you are interested in joining in on the fun, click the link above for more information to receive daily emails with the prompt of the day.

It was a little challenging for me to complete this post because I can’t say that I have ever looked at another person with such awe that I was inspired to be like them. That may be a little narcissistic on my behalf, but, oh well, que sera sera. But, what I can say is that I am inspired and in awe when it comes to behaviour. The behaviour that I am speaking of is compassion and empathy.

Compassion and empathy are what people need in order to have peace within their lives and to be able to navigate through the darkness that life brings. It inspires me when I see others displaying these behaviours with others especially to those who have hurt them in the past.

I love when I see some light when we live in a world that displays and portrays darkness on a daily basis on the television and out in public. People have become really ugly in their behaviour to others, who think differently than them. I went to the NRA Convention here in Dallas, TX, and it was amazing to see how the businesses here in Dallas made it their purpose to show their objection to the NRA Convention being in town, yet they wanted to have the business of the attendees. Now, the Libertarian in me does not care, as it is their right. But, why can’t we all agree to disagree and try to communicate with compassion and understanding?

As for me, I try to understand everyone’s position and try looking at the issues from their perspective. Let me tell you, it is eye-opening to do. This is what empathy and compassion look like. I do not judge others for their choices and ask the same in return.

I am currently watching the United States Supreme Court candidate be chosen by President Donald J. Trump, which is Brett Kavanaugh, and there is a huge feminist protest in the front of the building. Every person there is yelling their disagreements, anger, and disappointment to the nominee. So many vile and disgusting words being spouted by everyone, including Bernie Sanders. My point in mentioning this event is the behaviour is so dangerous or at least could be dangerous.

But, I guess if I have to say, out of all of this, is that we here in the United States have overcome more difficult decisions than this and, “This Too Shall Pass.” I have faith in all of us to rise above the disagreements and come together and realize that our differences make us better. We cannot all be alike and agree on the same issues, that is not reality nor authentic.

I am not sure if this post makes any sense whatsoever. But, this is my contribution to today’s UBC challenge.

What inspires you, is it a person or a behaviour? Let me know below.

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