The sky was so blue, and the sun so bright, that an eternal summer seemed to reign over this prospect.

Do What You Like. UBC Day7

On day seven of the Ultimate Blog Challenge, UBC, we are asked to write about something fun that we like to do in our business or personal life. This is to encourage engagement and for our your readers to know more about you.

So, for me, the things that I like to do for fun is travel spontaneously. I love it when we wake up and just decide to go somewhere and actually get up and go.


The last spontaneous trip we had taken was to New Orleans, LA for dinner. We woke up one morning and my husband was checking flights, he woke e up and asked if I wanted to go to NOLA today? I was stunned and excited and, of course, said YES. We dropped our BellaPoo off at her pet resort and flew out 3 hours later.


My husband lived in NOLA after he and his family moved here from Seoul, Korea, so he has a lot of friends still there that he went to high school with.

 So, one of his friends made some crawfish for us.

While we were there we ate at the famous Cafe Du Monde   for some beignets and coffee.

We also took the Steamboat Natchez, which is a locally owned company that operates a real steamboat on the Mississippi River. It was my first time there and I loved it.

I love plays, musicals, concerts and any other social event. The other thing that I absolutely love to do is going to the shooting range and gun shows. I love love love my Beast. We live in Texas, so it is legal here (don’t worry) 😉

I also, enjoy making my own jewellery

This is my travel set

My little assistant, unfortunately, she likes to just lay in the way


and reading on my personal time.


In short, I am very easy going and laid back and mind my own business. I am God fearing and God loving and respect and love everybody. I hold no malice nor judgement of others, even those that have negative feelings towards me. I forgive them all and love everything that this life has to offer. I go where God leads me and unapologetically take on the challenge.


Thank you for reading.

☆☆Thanks For Reading & Happy Blogging ☆☆

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8 responses to “Do What You Like. UBC Day7”

  1. I stop in befor I believe or someone else has your by line ” Don’t Worry I Don’t Bite” I thought suggestion topice of fun. I miss last two day of the challenge.
    So I post a hodge podge post instead,
    Your little dog is lovely,
    Coffee is on


  2. Well, that looks like you had a fun day! Not to mention delicious! I like to make jewelry, too!


  3. That sounds awesome Martha. The mountains sound so peaceful and relaxing. No technology allowed.


  4. Sounds like an exciting little get away! Hubby and I love to take a 5 hour get away to the mountains, it’s so peaceful and beautiful plus it totally shuts our mind off from everything else, if even for a few days!


  5. yay. make sure you go and get some coffee and beignets and ride the steamboat, you won’t be disappointed


  6. I love spontaneous travel too (usually road trips). I just talked about New Orleans yesterday – that it is on my bucket list!


  7. I love being spontaneous but I don’t things with the head attached. BellaPoo looks lovely in pink.


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