It’s a Process UBC6

It’s A Process

In today’s Ultimate Blog Challenge, we’re asked to write about an experience we had to overcome and we overcame it. So, for my day six submission, I’ll talk about my process of letting go, so I can LiveFree and LoveOnPurpose. In order to do this properly, you’ll get to revisit 2007 with me, when I was at the end of a 16-year relationship. 

     We are raising three children, he was twelve years older than me and retired military. I thought this was perfect until reality kicked in. There were many situations that let me know that once the kids were grown we would not be together because we truly didn’t have much in common.
     You know the saying: When people show you who they are, believe them? It’s true
     Once, I realized this, I guess I mentally check out of the relationship and focused on making sure our kids could stand up on their own two feet once the separation came. Because I knew it was coming. I focused on them and their mindset. I didn’t want them to take on a victim mentality. If my mother never lets me feel victimized, my kids wouldn’t either. So, I helped strengthen their mind and critical thinking, the best I could. Remind them that nothing lasts forever and you must be able to change and evolve with the situations life presents to you. Strength is shown by endurance.
     My ex is a very emotional person who is not as strong as I thought he was. He handled the breakup worse than the kids did.
     How I was able to overcome the backlash and nasty rumours my ex spread about me to anyone who’d listen, was by knowing I did everything in my power to make the relationship work. I did my part, he didn’t do him because he thought I’d never leave.
     When the horrible lies were told to my family and friends, I chose not to explain myself to those who asked for clarification of the lies. I figured that if they truly knew and understood me, there’d be no doubt. However, that was not the case. Since I know that all things will come to the light and they’d eventually know the truth on their own, I had to exercise patience. I just don’t know how to defend myself against elaborate lies. He even had my father in on the fiasco.
     But, long sort short, I overcame because my children knew the truth and that was all that mattered. It was tough for them but they endured and kept moving forward. That is my reward. That is my gift. All three are doing fine, one is a college graduate, and my other two are USAF. That is my gratitude to God for getting us through the darkness.
     Now, I have a relationship, going on ten years, that is accepting, loving and non-judgemental. What else could a girl ask for? Besides winning the lottery and spending the remainder of her life in Bora Bora.
     Thanks for reading and just remember that nothing is forever. If you are not living the life that God has shown you, it is possible changes need to be made and that may mean your significant other. We must value ourselves the way God does. We were made to be loved unapologetically. I’ve found that love and pray that you find yours. And if you have already, it’s smooth sailing from here on out.
     The world can be ugly and we all get that someone to help navigate the waters.

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2 responses to “It’s a Process UBC6”

  1. Great way to preserver and keep moving ahead. It seems like your children helped you by being the motivation. Having a bit ‘Why” will get me through a lot of situations when I want to throw in the towel.

    Thanks for sharing!


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