Getting to Know You UBC Day #2

What on earth am I doing here? HA!

Well, considering that I am a Criminal Justice student, in my final year, I will be trying to publish a post daily via the Ultimate Blog Challenge otherwise known as UBC. When I am not dissecting my brain for motivation to post on my blog, I am in school and studying my life away, or I am immersed in a good book. 

Some of my favorite books to read are anything that has to do with the Roman era, philosophy, psychology, and medieval times. I am trying to get into different types of books and open my mind to more.

Other than that I am a mother of three, My two youngest are in USAF. And my oldest is living the adult life, but she is working on going to the USAF at the end or the beginning of next year. She is working on going to Officer’s training to become, well, an officer. We come from a proud family of military service, all USAF (United States Air Force), they are the fourth generation. I have been married to a wonderful and loving man for the past ten years. It is so wonderful to find love that is unapologetically accepting and non-judgmental, couldn’t ask for more.

I have had my blog since 2014, and have been working on content, as well as traffic. As for my other hobbies, I love to go to 

the shooting range,

going to plays and concerts.

 I have enjoyed NASCAR events, as well as Monster Truck and Motorcross.

 Gotta love the speed of Motorcross and the amazing trucks and tricks of Monster Truck Jam.

 I also love making my own jewelry and crocheting stuff. I want to learn needlepoint and quilting, but the way my bank account is set up, I’ll have to wait on the quilting machine.

Well, that is all I have for now, until tomorrow when its time for Day #3 of the UBC. So, drop me a comment and tell me a little bit about your blogging journey.

☆☆Thanks For Reading & Happy Blogging ☆☆

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11 responses to “Getting to Know You UBC Day #2”

  1. I am still waiting for the emails to do this challenge. You have a lot to keep you motivated in life. I love the sound of the harp. I use to enjoy motor cross. I am now in college like you and that takes up all the time I have and my two cats.


  2. Hi Addie, what a beautiful theme. Purple is my favorite color. This is the first time I have seen your blog. thank you for getting me into your beautiful and diverse world. I love the way you included photos. You seem as though you have a very loving family. Thank you for sharing you.


  3. Ah, I can relate with the cost of hobbies! And you’re right – some need to wait a bit till the budget allows. 😉 Congratutlaions on a family that’s focused, and for a loving husband. Being surrounded by love is a gift. Looking forward to reading more of your posts this month.


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