I Ain’t Mad @ Cha

“Do I hold grudges or do I believe in forgive and forget?” The answer is plain and simply, No. I do not hold grudges. or at least I try not too. Once I realize that I have held one, I correct it immediately. I do not intentionally hold a grudge against anybody. I’m a firm believer that do unto others as you’d have them do unto you. So, that means I must forgive you because I want you to forgive me. I know for a fact, I will help you find a way to be mad at me. If it hasn’t happened yet, the night is still young. 😉

No, I do not believe in holding grudges. Holding grudges takes too much time and effort to nurture. There are other things I could do than to sit around and think about an issue that has long passed, and honestly, no longer matters. I just know that we all do something to someone that will annoy, bother, or just plainly hurt them and we all need redemption.

We have no right to judge another, and that means to hold a grudge against them for not living up to our expectations. I am almost positive we don’t live up to theirs either, yet and still, they accept you for who you are. I say we all need to do the same. Accept others and get out of your own the way. Can’t always be so darn sensitive about situations that arise. 


Let Go & Let God

Remember that we Must #LiveFree and #LoveOnPurpose 


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