oNLy The Strong Survive*

The presence of life’s tests

Eliminate uninvited guests

Stronghold on lies and destruction

That will eventually lead to their destruction

Tests come in many forms. To help us grow. To help us learn. To break us as well as manipulate us. What is it’s purpose? To remind us that ‘oNLy the strong survive”?

What makes an individual strong? Is it pure physical strength or does it also encompass our mental and spiritual as well?

So many questions, so many thoughts.

We test our friends’ loyalty and endurance more than we’d like to admit. Our families do the same to us.

They push us to limits that no other person can accomplish. Most of the time it’s done on purpose.

Either way, tests are a daily occurrence that, for the most part, cannot be avoided. We can only decide to run our own race and follow our own life path. Life will test us enough to care about a test from people or insignificant groups.

Just remember to live free and love on purpose at all times to avoid the burdens of the tests that life brings.

I guess I have some things on my mind. I am not sure how I got this post to relate to testing. That is the test of the reader, to find meaning between these lines. Enjoy 😉

In Response To Blogging University’s Daily Word Prompt: Test


☆☆Thanks For Reading & Happy Blogging ☆☆

♡ Written By: (Me) ♡ Celestial B Purposed♡

Remember to Live Free and Love On Purpose 💋🎉✌

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10 responses to “oNLy The Strong Survive*”

  1. Love the post, so much food for thought on the many tests life brings us. And it’s really easy to get caught up on it that we forget to just be in the present.


  2. I agree, everyday there’s a test that we have to face which can definitely bring stress into our lives. The key is to deal with it with a positive mindset! And never forget to enjoy life as well.


  3. Going through a test right now! Your post speaks volumes to me. It’s hard.. especially when you don’t “study/prepare” just like a real exam. But perhaps there isn’t a right way… just the strength to endure, as you’ve said.


  4. I always see the tests life gives me like lessons. And I had to learn in a hard way that even some people come in our lives just to be lessons and make us question ourselves or test our strengths!!


  5. i like ow you made words go well with TEST. this is always a reminder for everyone what A TEST truly is.


  6. Life is just one big test really. The important thing is to accept the outcome whether good or bad and not blame oneself if it isn’t the desired result.


  7. The word “test” – how true is this article? If we’re starting believing in something… life finds a way to test our points of view or beliefs. How we can explain it?


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