Reversed Openness

Occasionally, I have been reprimanded for my lack of openness. My unwillingness to let others in, for the mere

Pleasure of relieving their boredom. This, for me is not something that I can do easily or readily for it does not compute.

Each conversation and connection we encounter is different from the last or the next. It would be unfair to say how each encounter will play out.

Nevertheless, it is simpler to listen to what people area, truly, asking, and answer accordingly. No more and maybe less. This is the best way for me and maybe you can continue in the quest of Living Free and Loving On Purpose.

Ok. I am enjoying trying to figure out how to add my tagline of “Live Free & Love On Purpose” to close out my posts. So far so good. Thanks for reading


My ‘open’ post may make me sound a bit ‘jaded’ or cynical. You may be correct. Unfortunately, or fortunately, it is due to life experiences that have made me a bit more guarded than I was created to be. I do know this about myself and it is something I work hard on daily. Every day it takes a conscious effort to engage and to remember that others need to feel loved by me.


I have received love all of my life, so there is truly no reason for my behavior, except experiences of life, and whatever extra ingredients God added to my creation.


I am a work in progress and this is why I tag Live Free & Love On Purpose because that is my goal on a daily basis to do these things as authentically and organically as I can. Be encouraged everyone as I will do the same.

☆☆Thanks For Reading & Happy Blogging ☆☆

♡Celestial B Purposed♡

Remember to Live Free and Love On Purpose 💋🎉✌

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7 responses to “Reversed Openness”

  1. Great! This is a very good writing style exercise! Did you know that poetry writing is one of the subjects studied by future queens as soon as they know they’ll become queens? And you know why? Because with poetry you learn how to tell important and inspiring things in a few words


  2. Beautiful written! It’s very inspired! You are very talented! Have a beautiful Sunday dear!


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