Deprived Failures

Deprived of a chance or failure to choose? That is the question.

Did they ever say you can’t?

Except, when you asked, “Can I?”

Perhaps permission was granted at birth, yet

Relinquished when thoughts became words

Interestingly enough, who’s to blame for deprivation, could it be our

Very own  manifestation of articulation that lacked the communication skills needed

Each one of have the choice to choose how we are to live or lives

Don’t allow miscommunication be the reason for your deprivation.

For we are destined to live free & love on purpose

☆☆Thanks For Reading & Happy Blogging ☆☆

♡Celestial B Purposed♡

Remember to Live Free and Love On Purpose 💋🎉✌

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15 responses to “Deprived Failures”

  1. Indeed very motivating. It is very important to communicate well and for that I believe it is also important to think twice before saying something even if the person is your best friend.


  2. Deprivation usually occurs due to low self esteem, low morale, or the society. I think the day we can shed these inhibitions and live for ourselves would be the day we wont be deprived of anything in life.


  3. like how you approached this post, it’s a great way to get your message across, that we can choose how to live our life, that we should not deprive ourselves of what we want in life.


  4. Very interesting perspective. I don’t think you should let yourself be deprived of a chance, you should fight for it.


  5. I think our lives are a collection of the opportunities we took and didn’t take.


  6. That’s an interesting way to interpret things. I do agree to not allowing miscommunication to cause deprivation.


  7. Very insightful! I think we are the ones who deprive ourselves because we choose to live withing the norm and what’s socially acceptable. If we did try to chase after what we want without thinking of what others may think about us, then I don’t think we’ll feel deprived.


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