Candid Rant

I wrote this in 2015 when we had a different U.S. President. I was a little upset with him and the administration.

Hey you, over there, can you explain something to me in a way that I can understand? Talk to me as if I was a fourth grader, wait, make that a second grader.

I would like to know where we went wrong. What happened to our society today when we look to singers, actors, and comedians for guidance and self-respect. Why can’t we as humans understand that their job is to entertain not try to explain politics and such? Especially when there is a more qualified individual carrying their luggage.

Ok. Now that I’ve gotten that rant out of the way. But, why do you only show up when it benefits you? Why can’t you stand for the communities, you claim to support, instead of feeding then bullshit with a side order subliminal self-hating words, for the community to take the bs home to feed to their families.

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