Don’t Disturb My Groove

It’s really simple mathematics. You share your life with others for them to judge for themselves if you’re worthy enough to become part of their circle. I say, screw your circle.Or maybe in being too judgmental, and all others want is to not feel alone. That there is someone, somewhere, out there who can hold a mirror up so we can see outtakes through the eyes of others.

In this era that we live in, everyone wants to be seen, no matter for good or bad. Just turn on the news, any news network station will work. They all fool you with emotions, then return days or months later with the facts. Which, normally, have nothing in common with the original story.

To put it simply, if you live your life in public. You are inviting others to add their interpretation of your life to you.

I know this female, who feels that she needs to share every nook and cranny of her life. But, when others comment in a way that is contrary to hers, she throws a tantrum. I don’t believe that any of us are immune to others judgments, but we can decide what to allow them to judge.

It’s called self-control. HA!   Just some random thoughts.

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