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This is a poem that I took a risk and back in 2010 when I was going through some things in my life. I felt that life was not listening to me nor were the people in my life. Everything was out of whack. At least that is how it seemed, at the time. So, travel with me down memory lane with my unpublished poem called, “Can You Hear Me?

Can U Hear Me

When I looked at you with my eyebrow arched to ask what you were thinking about.

Did You Hear Me?

When I turned my head slightly to the left with my eyes with a squint to ask you if I should really trust you

Did you hear me?

When I stayed up all night while you slept like a baby to ask you if we are making the right decisions in life

Did you hear me?

When I stayed home and never went out with friends who asked me to make you understand you are the only one for me

Did you hear me?

When I fought the girl who disrespected you to prove I had your back through infinity

Did you hear me?

When I accepted your family and friends in our home to tell you I was a team player

Did you hear me?

When I screamed from the top of my soul for your attention

Did you hear me?

When I didn’t call even though I look at your number at least once a day to tell you I love you

Did You hear me?

Mr. Officer when you stopped to ask if I was alright even though I was walking in the middle of a busy street on the double yellow line, I gave you an empty stare screaming that I had been violated

Did you hear me?

When I threw my phone out of frustration of your continued neglect

Did you hear me?

When I wanted to go to school to better myself because I NEEDED to do something for me, so I can be a better person 4u

Did you hear me?

When I looked at you in the hospital bed trying to be strong and kept calm in front of you but was screaming on the inside

Did You Hear Me?

When I drank myself to sleep night after night because I was so unhappy

Did you hear me?

Maybe if I had spoken the words you would have heard me, but when you say “you got me” and “you understand me” those are the things I mean.

If you cannot hear me or will not hear me, then you cannot have me.


Just a little something I have thought about writing for a few weeks now,

there is a lot more to add but I will probably save that for my book.

Sometimes we expect others to see through us but they can’t so that leaves tons unsaid.

Thanks for reading 


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