Now, You See It And Now…

Here’s a little backyard magic show from our local entertainer. The magic trick of the day was showing how to make a beetle disappear in a blink of an eye. A great example of something that changes. Evanescent

You can see the leg hanging out of the mouth there.

In Response To Blogging University Weekly Photo Challenge: Evanescent

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5 responses to “Now, You See It And Now…”

  1. This is our loyal helper. Always ready to chase and capture the Beetles to keep pur garden safe. Yes, he was definitely showing off his awesome green coat that evening. It may have been all of the excitement from the abundance of beetles to choose from.

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  2. What a cute little critter and I loved his magic show! Looks like he is helping around the house making those beetles disappear. All in one gulp too. Maybe he was also really hungry. He was wearing such a lovely shade of green that day. I hope he is a great friend around the house 🙂

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