Healed From The Shadows**lflop

Happiness is a state of being

Empathy is the state of seeing

All is capable within us, to

Live free and love on purpose😆

     Healing is something we do daily and probably moment by moment. But, being alive is another day to make ourselves better than yesterday. Don’t we owe that to our former selves of yesterday to be better today?

     The struggles that our former selves endured yesterday should never go unnoticed for they fought a good fight to help us make it thru the night. There is a video by MaryMary called Yesterday, love this song, great healing song.

     We just have to remember that things and circumstances happen that cause us to pause and question our existence. Maybe we just need to question the path we are taking. The path may be the problem for the healing we need is always within ourselves. No one else can cure the shadows that are within us until we are ready to bring then to the light.

     So, if you’re still in the corridors of shadows, don’t be afraid or weary for the strong will survive this life. It has always been the case and will continue to be until we all decide to live free.

In Response to Blogging University’s Daily One-Word Prompt: Heal

☆☆Happy Blogging☆☆ 
Drop By Anytime 😉 

Remember to Live Free and Love On Purpose 💋🎉✌


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20 responses to “Healed From The Shadows**lflop”

  1. Love this post…Happiness is a state of being……We are all responsible for our own happiness. Only by looking into our own selves can we truly find happiness.


  2. Fear is an ugly beast that has been dressed up so beautifully that people are not aware of the caged prison of fear they have willingly allowed themselves to be a part of, myself included. I am a work in progress.


  3. I LOVE THIS! You have managed to get so much truth is such a short post! There is so much meaning in each of the lines and between the lines.. Exactly what I needed to read this afternoon 🙂

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  4. http://i0.poll.fm/js/rating/rating.jsI think most people are boxed in by the fears that they have and they have a hard time stepping out of them. It’s almost like they have grown comfortable in their fear. We should live freely and be intentional in our lives. Great post.


  5. http://i0.poll.fm/js/rating/rating.jsI’m in the middle of my own journey toward healing. I spent far too long with an unfortunate partner and it’s taken me a long time to really make it to the other side. Healing is definitely a process .. but I know there’s hope that we can get there


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