Looking Through My Rearview**LFLOP

     Great prompt. I was speaking with one of my awesomely amazing aunties this past Friday. We spoke about how life was has been for us.

     My youngest two graduated from high school last year. My son, 2nd born, will be serving in the United States Air Force. Like his father, grandfather, and uncles before him. My youngest will be following her brother to the USAF. We are just waiting on her birth certificate to arrive, then she can complete her enlistment. My oldest is living the grown-up life. Tried to get her to go into the USAF, but she wasn’t hearing it, AT ALL. You know, bills, bills, and more bills, she’s really excited about all of that.  (Not) However, she has a great network of friends from her college days. She’s a chef debating on becoming an educator. I think she will be a great teacher. The world needs her to skills and her love for learning and History.

     My aunt, who struggles and battles Lupus, on a daily basis, has been doing really well this year.  Again, she dodged a curve ball or three or four. But, she pulled through, stronger than before. She had gotten a new kidney in 2009. It worked until two years ago, in 2015, so now she is back on Dialysis, but her spirits ar high. My cousin, her youngest son, just received a kidney last year. He just made his one year anniversary. He is also, doing great.

     My mother was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, but I kinda knew she suffered from it for at least ten years. It has just recently started affecting her daily routine. We have this saying that “we laugh, to keep from crying,”. Seems to work, for now.

     My hubby’s dad just completed chemo for his lymphoma. It was touch and go, but he is now on the other side of it. Being in his late eighties, I couldn’t be more proud to know such a touch man. He’s giving this cancer a run for its money.

     All in all, my life experiences and circle make me humbled and appreciative of everything and everyone.

Below is my response to hindsight.

The year, thus far, has been fair and true.

For, it was the past 8 years that I dodged a curve ball or two.

We never know if our life roads will be paved.

Responsible responses are how we must behave.

Thank you, God, for carrying me when our footsteps became one.

We can never comprehend the sacrifices you’ve made.

Thank you for shielding my children from harm.

I know they are yours too, so enemies are warned.

You said, no weapons formed against me shall prosper

I’m here to say today, I’m a believer of that gospel

For good news is what, this thing called, hindsight has to offer

☆☆Happy Blogging☆☆ Drop By Anytime 😉 

Remember to Live Free and Love On Purpose 💋🎉✌


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8 responses to “Looking Through My Rearview**LFLOP”

  1. Getting older makes us wiser, but it seems once we realize our purpose, our bodies start to fail. I have just found mine in the last year or so, and hope to touch many others during the time I have left.
    I know I was meant to go through everything in my life, to get me to where I am now.
    Nice post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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