Shackles of Misunderstandings

These words in my head are held captive. I’ve tried to free them for days. Well, that’s not entirely truthful, I’ve tried for as long as I can remember. I’m not sure when this battle began, and I’m not sure how I lost. All I do know is that the words in my head are chained, bound and gagged.

It’s a one-sided and lonely battle when your own words won’t speak to you.

What is this world coming too?

I do have a plan of action to free my words from the shackles of misunderstandings.

To let my words know that I will stand by them, defend and protect them from harm.

They are all I have so I will cherish them until the end.

There have been situations when I didn’t treat my words so kindly.

I suppressed and silenced them when they were just trying to protect me.

They were being loyal to me, but I was being loyal to silence.

Even when I was violently attacked, back in high school, words told me to speak out, but silence won my heart again.

Now I think I understand the problem.

It was the affair with the silence that ended our friendship.

I understand that now and I’m happy you’ve given our friendship a second chance.

I won’t screw up this time.

To prove to you my dedication, I’ll go online and dedicate a blog to us as we quietly ramble to each other.

Thank you for reading, stay tuned for more rambles 😉

Remember to Live Free and Love On Purpose 💋🎉✌


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8 responses to “Shackles of Misunderstandings”

  1. Thanks a Ton partangel. You are so correct. But I’ve come to realize that, it’s a process and an unavoidable part of life. Thanks for dropping in. 😉


  2. You’re amazing Debbie. Your comment is right on time. Sometimes we don’t know what we need to hear until wet hear it. Thank you for your kind words and understanding. 😉


  3. I love the way you talk to your words, I love the way you metaphorise them, give them life by annointing them as your friends, by describing their absense as ‘an affair with silence’.

    i will disagree with your above commentators: this is not rambling, this is poetry and magic.
    with a bit of philospophy thrown in.

    keep writing, SunDragonLady. there’s gotta be a story in your name. find it and write it. dont give up.


  4. Hi Sun Dragon lady.

    At first I wasn’t sure what I was reading but then I realized that you were rambling. It was interesting read for sure.


  5. Very interesting! I think most of us can relate to the same feelings at some point in our life. Following and excited to read more~


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