Just Flawlessly Flawed

What is my worst quality? I have no true idea, but from the looks on the faces of others I meet, I would say that it is my lack of emotional response to things.

 I don’t lack empathy but I do lack compassion. That is something I can agree with.

If you’re looking to me for all the  (woo woo woo’s, hugs, cuddles, etc.) that is not my department.


But, if you need to have a conversation so we can come to a conclusion or fix for the issue at hand.

I’m your girl.

I don’t do well with emotions that make solving the issue, that much harder. 

I always say that:

I Reserve The Right To Have A Breakdown Later

 Yea. I am a bit flawed in that department, but my heart is true. 

Remember to Live Free and Love On Purpose 💋🎉✌

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