To Write or Not To Write? That Is The Question?

Why do I write? Well, that is a good question that I have asked myself many times and have yet to get an answer.

Writing is a way for me to remind myself of my mortality and that i actually did exist in this world.

I’m a pretty closed off person, so writing allows me the platform to put my thoughts to words.

It is always quite interesting the things my mind can concoct.

Now, it would be the “bees knees” if i can slow down my thoughts enough to transcribe them.

In my mind I’m a world-renowned, noble prize in literature recipient, however, reality has had some other ideas in that department. I’m a work in progress.

Stay Tuned as I work through this barricade of consciousness to find the words that have evaded me for so long and without remorse.

☆☆Happy Blogging☆☆Drop By Anytime 😉

For our first assignment in Writing 101 we are to write a post on “Why We Write”.

Above is my contribution. Well, my first one anyway, there may be revisions to come.


☆☆Happy Blogging☆☆Drop By Anytime 😉


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7 responses to “To Write or Not To Write? That Is The Question?”

  1. Thank you very much Netta. I appreciate the warm response. I was waiting on this course so I can write a little more regularly. Fingers crossed. Thanks for dropping by 😉


  2. I hope we will be seeing you throughout the course and that you write more regularly. I’d certainly like to hear more from you.
    This is a very colourful blog, I like it


  3. Yes, it would help all of us in becoming better writers and human beings. Thank you 🙂


  4. Lol. Interestingly enough, I’m also interested in my minds constant ramblings and babbling. It’s never a dull moment in there, now if i can write as fast as i can think it. I’d be unstoppable, or at least more understandable. Thanks for stopping by to “shine positive power ” in this direction. 😉


  5. I hope you would stay motivated and enjoy this course on writing.

    Best Wishes,



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