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 Sunday, 4/5/15

Just write aimlessly for about twenty minutes and see what it is that you can come up with. Let me see what is on the menu of this cluttered mind of mine.

First off, Last week of March my oldest daughter graduated from college with her bachelors degree in culinary management, I am so excited and proud of her. My two youngest children (young adults) turned 18 and 19 at the beginning of March, my cup runneth over.

It was such a wonderful feeling to be able to see my oldest in her element. She has graduated, has a job, and has her own place, that she shares with her best friend, her best friends girlfriend, and her sister. How amazing is that?

For the first time I was able to visit my daughter, stay with her at her home and not rent a hotel room, not that I mind the hotel, sometimes one needs a little privacy. *wink*

It is absolutely amazing when you can see the fruits of your labor come to light. You hope that you’ve instilled enough character into your children, but only time will tell the direction they ultimately choose. Life is all about choices and all one can do is pray that we make the right choices for our lives .

It is a struggle I believe we are all familiar with.


“Am I making the right choice, Lord? Please guide my steps and the steps of my children and all that I love, as well as the readers of this post.”

From the words of the wisest man I know 😉

HBD 19

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3 responses to “Just Ramblings”

  1. Many many congratulations to you and your wonderfully talented daughter. Ah wow it must be such an emotional time for you, seeing her grow up like this 🙂 You and your family have my best wishes and prayers ❤


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